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Yay, backstab hit again

What a nice morning to get to work…one openstack cloud is unreachable via Horizon and monitoring systems. After quick check it seemed that keystone was not authenticating users at all, what the heck? Yesterday evening it was all good. Checking…

Failing node ids from puppet dashboard

mysql> select distinct(node_id) from reports where id = any (select report_id from report_logs where message like ‘%Could not evaluate: undefined method%each_line%’); Substitute %Could not evaluate: undefined method%each_line% with error you want to find out

OSX 10.9 a.k.a Mavericks and puppet

Hmh, Apple got me with my pants down with their announcement about Mavericks being free-for-all as we have been managing some Macs with puppet. Current plan before that was to finally upgrade puppet infra to 3.3.1 from latest 2.7-series…Well, good…