Federated VoIP

Noted that Fedora 19 Alpha has a feature called federated VoIP, debian has also described their unified communications

opentelecoms.org has description about federated VoIP here
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The vision is true peer-to-peer VoIP, with no central point of control. Email is already distributed using a federated mechanism (SMTP and DNS): the same paradigm is now emerging in the world of voice and video communications. Any two users or organisations can connect to each other dynamically without requiring dedicated (cumbersome, outdated and expensive) solutions from legacy phone companies.
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opentelecoms uses ENUM for mapping phone numbers, DNS SRV for service discovery and TLS for security. Interesting point is that they recommend to use both SIP and jabber/XMPP, that might pose some interesting problems to infrastructure 😉

There’s some interesting development within repro and WebRTC

Have to dig little bit deeper on what’s going here but hopefully it kicks off…

Fedora 19

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