Galera/HAProxy/Pacemaker tidbits

Mainly link collection for future reference 🙂 MariaDB file limit!

Rabbitmq tips

Number of messages waiting in queues: # rabbitmqctl -n rabbit@node list_queues name messages_ready | grep -v ‘.* *0$’ Listing queues … notifications.sample 650141 metering.sample 1231596 Purge queue # rabbitmqctl -n rabbit@node purge_queue metering.sample Test SSL certificates On server: # openssl…

RDO live migration/block migration

Pre-requisisities: Install CentOS Virt SIG repository centos-release-qemu-ev for qemu-kvm which supports live migration yum install centos-release-qemu-ev yum update / yum install qemu-kvm Getting below error when doing ‘nova live-migration –block-migrate <instance-name> <dest host>‘ 2016-08-30 17:38:35.743 8360 ERROR nova.virt.libvirt.driver [req-9d7fb54d-2ca8-4916-bad0-2c0bc0426466…

Yay, backstab hit again

What a nice morning to get to work…one openstack cloud is unreachable via Horizon and monitoring systems. After quick check it seemed that keystone was not authenticating users at all, what the heck? Yesterday evening it was all good. Checking…

Linux performance tidbits

Netflix originated: Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds Netflix at Velocity 2015: Linux Performance Tools Brendan Gregg’s Linux Performance Ubuntu: Disk performance Redhat: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Performance Tuning Guide Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Performance Tuning Guide